General terms and conditions

Dock 79 online ticketing

Online sales conditions – season 2018

Dock 79 opens between 31 March and 28 October 2018.

  1. Application of the general terms

The agreements between the buyer and Dock 79 are wholly and only regulated by the present general conditions, notwithstanding anything that could be related to whatever document from the customer.

  1. Prices and rates

2.1 Tickets prices

Tickets prices are to be found on our website and are expressed in euro, VAT included. Special terms and conditions (i.e. partnerships with other companies, large families,…) are only applied at the Dock 79 activities reception desks on D-day. Free entrances (if so) will only be validated at the Dock 79 reception desk only.

2.2 Special prices

Everyone asking for a special price offer (student, child) is liable to show some evidence with a legal document at the reception desk, before accessing the activities field.

  1. Age category


Children category includes participants under 16 years (under 12 years for the season card).

Adults category includes participants who are more than 16 years old.

Tree clombing:

Ouistitis category includes participants between 3 and 6 years who measure at least 1m20 with their arms raised.

Children category includes participants between 7 and 14 years who measure at least 1m50 with their arms raised.

Adults category includes participants who are more than 14 years old.


Children category includes participants between 7 and 14 years.

Adults category includes participants who are more than 14 years old.

  1. Personal data 

When buying a ticket online, the buyer must respect all the steps. During the procedure, the buyer has to provide the specific information that is required for processing the order. The buyer confirms that their information and personal data are accurate. The buyer subscribes with a password, which allows them to register their personal data. Once registered, data allow them to make future quick payments or reservations and to check previous orders. The ticket buyer takes the necessary precautions to keep their password secret. Dock 79 does not disclose your password to anyone.

  1. Your ticket

5.1 Generating

As soon as payment is accepted, QR code tickets are automatically generated and sent to the email address indicated during the order. The vouchers are sent in a PDF format.

 5.2 Validity

To be valid, your ticket/voucher must be printed at home on an A4 blank sheet, (or appear on the screen of your smartphone). Each entrance corresponds to a voucher/ticket. our printable tickets are provided with a unique QR code or number. Entrance tickets are valid for one single entry only and must respect the date that is mentioned on the voucher. Tickets and vouchers validity is checked at the different reception desks (depending on the activity chosen) and tickets/vouchers are only valid for the date selected during the order and corresponding to the visit. It is impossible to get access several times to several activities with the same ticket (if the ticket only corresponds to one of them). The first person who hands the ticket/voucher out will be able to access the Dock 79 activity. This person is presumed to be the ticket bearer. This is the reason why it is strictly forbidden to copy or to counterfeit the ticket/voucher or to make it at somebody’s disposal for this purpose. Keep your ticket/voucher at a safe place. Make use of Dock 79 website only to buy your ticket. Never accept a ticket/voucher from a stranger because it could be a fake one. The owner of the ticket/voucher can be someone else than the buyer.

  1. Payment

Keep in mind that confirming your order implies that you are obliged to pay the indicated price. You must pay on our website, using the paypal or stripe system, you can also pay using Bancontact, Visa & Mastercard. The debit of your bank account is not linked with the use of the tickets. In any case, tickets are expected to be paid even though you forget to print them. Any proof of payment cannot be used as an entrance ticket.

  1. I haven’t used my ticket.

Tickets or vouchers are valid for one single access and during the date mentioned  on the ticket/voucher only. An unused ticket/voucher will not be refunded nor exchanged.