Everything began with sport.

In 2011, Antoine Marquais, a Frenchman installed in Belgium since 2002, was fascinated by wakeboarding (vice champion of France 2010) and was in search of a place to start water skiing activities over there. The same year, he discovered the current location, which was called “lake of Herbières” back then. As a consequence, Antoine Marquais developed for that site a growing interest because the place used to mix green nature with water sources. With Sébastien Dossou, who was also passionate about the discipline, he decided to start some wakeboarding activities on the 10-hectare lake located in the park. The Belgian Cable Park was consequently created in April 2012. In addition to that, wakeboarding represents a gap in the market, for it is well-known in Germany but not that much in Belgium.

In 2013, Antoine came across Alice, a Frenchwoman, who used to live in the region of Paris. At that time, she had been running a company of visual merchandising for almost 10 years. Together with Sébastien, she then decided to actively contribute in 2014  to the opening of Bertine, a food truck offering customers the possibility to taste wonderful home-made burgers. While further discovering the park, the wakeboarding activities and the different projects in development, Alice finally decided to join Antoine to create a tree climbing adventure park in a forest zone which was perfect for this type of activity: My Little Forest was launched in April 2015.

Well aware that their clients were in search of various activities adapted to their age and desires, Alice and Antoine decided to keep up with the development of the leisure park by diversifying their services. This is the reason why they inaugurated in June 2017 the first Belgian aquapark called the “Diving Board”!

2018 was a major step for our leisure park because, so far, each of our activities communicated separately and had its own visual identity, which could be confusing for our new customers. In fact, some of them did not have a precise and accurate idea about what we really wanted to offer. From now on, our activities and services are gathered and known as “Dock 79, leisure park”. 

2020 will be marked by the opening of our first indoor activity: a trampoline park, in a new building facing the lake, will also host a larger and better equipped restaurant area.

Your leisure park, Dock 79, is full of surprises. So, come and visit us!