My Little Forest, tree climbing for acrobats.

My Little Forest is a tree climbing that was created in an oak forest in 2015. Discover our 4 courses that are progressive and with different heights for children and adults. You can also find 2 courses for the smallest ones who measure at least 1m20 with their arms raised (3 – 4 years).

Season 2018 is open!

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An unforgettable excursion !

You are a teacher and you are interested in going on an excursion in our park? It is possible to book a full activity session in the morning or in the afternoon at attractive prices.

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Privatisation option for team building activities.

Are you looking for an entertaining activity for your team buildings? Discover our tree climbing privatisation offer.


Tree climbing for everyone !

Our courses are progressive and adapted to everyone. Anyway, children are measured at the reception in order to establish the course that is the most suitable for them.

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Bachelor(ette) party

Jumping rope for the bride and groom.

Gain some height for an unforgettable afternoon. Disguise your bride or groom and challenge her/him with our different courses! Discover our offer.

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Tree climbing by night.

Equipped with a headlamp, you will be challenged to experience our 50 workshops and 7 zip-lines by night. During that special night, you will also have to face several activities such as skateboarding, walking on suspended wooden logs, trapeze, monkey bridge, tightrope game, casks…

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Happy Birthday !

On D-day, your child and his/her guests are awaited by our operators who will explain how to climb and the security rules to them. And then, after being equipped, the funny part begins: acrobatics to be enjoyed by everyone! After the activity, it is time to blow some candles out and to celebrate the birthday boy/girl with a delicious home-made cake and some refreshing drinks!

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Your safety comes first.

At My Little Forest security is crucial. This implies that our participants respect our different rules related to each one of our activities.