Tree climbing by night

Equipped with a headlamp, you will be challenged to experience our 50 workshops and 7 zip-lines by night. During that special night, you will also have to face several activities such as skateboarding, walking on suspended wooden logs, trapeze, monkey bridge, tightrope game, casks…

What about the programme?

You are expected  to arrive on time to be equipped and to receive information about how to handle the equipment safely. Then, it is time for you to get on the tracks and to experience the fun of the activity!

Reservations are required for these activities by night. You can buy your ticket via our online ticketing service. For the tree climbing by night to happen, minimum 10 participants must register. We reserve the right to cancel the activity if the weather conditions are too bad.

Keep in mind that children under 13 years must be accompanied by an adult alongside the course.

Any question?
Contact us: 0485 43 43 32 or: