Internal rules of the leisure park “Dock 79”.

Chapter 1: Schedules

Art. 1: the access to the site is free to the public during the days and opening hours fixed by the management.
The access is forbidden to the public as from the closure of the gates and during all the winter period (from November 1st until March 31st).


Chapter 2: Outfit and customers’ behaviour

Art 2: the entrance in the base is forbidden to every person under the influence of alcohol or wearing dirty clothes.

Art. 3: it is forbidden:

– to bathe, wherever in the lake.
– to picnic, wherever in the park.
– to climb fences and not to respect security signs.
– to barbecue or to start a campfire.
– to burn or incinerate any waste or objects.
– to manipulate any products likely to cause air pollution.
– to make use of slings, bows, crossbows and to shoot with whatever weapon.
– to make use of drones
– to throw away litter anywhere but in the bins. Make sure to respect the nature and do not leave your waste everywhere!
– to damage trees or bushes, to pick flowers or fruit or to damage any part of the park.
– to climb up benches, shelters, fences or banisters alongside staircases.
– to settle any game that would be fixed in or on trees or constructions.
– to take part in noisy activities or to put on one’s own music in the leisure base.
– to throw anything in the water.
– to frighten water birds, to chase them or to send dogs after them. It is also forbidden to disturb the birds’ broods.
– to take birds out of their nests and to use traps, baits or whatever ways to catch them.
– to tag or mark walls and to hang posters on walls, fences, benches, plinths, buildings, trees elsewhere in the park.
– not to keep your pets under supervision and let them go in the water. It is also forbidden not to pick up their droppings. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and their owners must dispose of their droppings.

Art 4: parents have towards their child duties of supervision and care. The possibility to bathe implies a greater presence of the adults looking after their children.

Art 5: children under 16 cannot be left alone and unsupervised within the site.


Chapter 3: Trade, industry, advertising and events

  • Are only authorised on the site the commercial activities organized by the management.
  • Any advertising campaign or event is forbidden without prior approval of the management.


Chapter 4: Games

Art 7: it is strictly forbidden to take part anywhere in activities or in games which can lead to accidents or damage within the leisure center, which could affect the traffic, cause unlawful assembly or disturb in any way the peaceful tranquility of the place.

Art. 8: gambling activities and activities implying drugs or alcohol are prohibited.

Art. 9: playgrounds are at the disposal of children who are under the only responsibility and supervision of their parents.


Chapter 5: traffic and parking

Art. 10: Pedestrians

Pedestrian traffic is free in the whole park with the exception of areas reserved for cycles and cars.

Art. 11: Cycles and cars

– Cycle traffic and car traffic are forbidden on the beach and green spaces. In a general way, cycle and car traffic is forbidden anywhere but on special indicated paths.
– Motorised cycles are forbidden in the leisure park with the exception of the car park at the entry of the park.
– The speed limit is 10 kph in the park.
– Repairing and emptying the fuel tank of cars is forbidden within the leisure center.
– Emptying the fuel tank of any mechanical engine or the sanitary equipment of the caravans and campers  is prohibited within the leisure park.

Art. 12: parking

– Any parking, even temporary, except in parking areas indicated by signs or staff members, is strictly forbidden.
– Places reserved for handicapped people are not to be used by any people who are not mobility-impaired.
– Paths and ways are only accessible to the rescue team. Escape routes are not to be used by the public and are reserved for rescue teams only. These spaces must be kept clear under any circumstances.
– Clients are invited to take the usual precautions for the protection of their vehicle and equipment.
– It is compulsory to comply with the orders of the staff regarding vehicle parking.


Chapter 6: authorised activities

Art. 13: are authorised

– wakeboarding and the related disciplines (except barefooting)

– tree climbing and jumping rope

– aquapark

– outdoor games

Bathing is not authorised.


Chapter 7: The lake

Art. 14: Motorboat traffic is forbidden in the lake. Only police, rescue or maintenance motorboats are allowed.


Chapter 8: Water sports

Art. 15: wakeboarders and users of the aquapark must respect the rules regarding the related activity.


Chapter 9 : Camping and caravanning

Art. 16: Camping and caravanning, even temporary, are prohibited in the leisure park. Having said that, there might be a few exceptions such as during special sports events authorised by the management.


Chapter 10: Hunting and fishing

Art. 17: fishing and hunting are strictly forbidden in the leisure park.


Chapter 11: Theft

The management is not responsible for any case of theft or loss of valuable or personal items in the leisure park.


Chapter 12: Application of the rules

Art. 19: The following people are in charge of the execution of the present regulation:

  • The security guard of the leisure center
  • The staff members of the leisure center

Art. 20: Belgium Cable Park is not responsible for any case of accidents or for non-compliance with regulations.

Art. 21: Every person refusing to comply with the present regulations and who disturbs the tranquility of the site will be expelled from the leisure park. Independently of the eviction measures, any violation of the rules will be sanctioned according to the present document.